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The Technical College System of Georgia will adopt semester scheduling in Fall 2011, changing from the current quarter system. It’s a change we believe offers real benefits to students – from providing more instructional time to improving the ease of transferring credits.

We’re committed to making the transition a smooth one for you! Beginning in July 2010, all TCSG colleges will begin a year-long advisement period to inform current students about the conversion. Read our Student Commitment to learn more.

These Frequently Asked Questions cover the basics for you. (For a full text version of the FAQs, click here.) Of course, your college advisor stands ready to assist you and will be your primary source of information during the transition.

Still have a question? Click here to submit an inquiry to your college.

Why the change to semesters? What are the advantages?


What’s the difference between a quarter system and a semester system?

What will the new academic calendar look like under semesters?

What’s the formula for converting quarter credit hours to semester credit hours?

Will it take me longer to complete my program on semesters?

How many hours are considered a full-time course load under semesters?

What's going on with the summer 2011 session?

Will I be required to go to school every semester, including summer?

How will the conversion affect courses with clinicals?

What will semester class times look like? What will be the length of day and evening classes?


Am I going to lose any credit hours because of the change?

Will it cost me more to complete my program under semesters?

I started on the quarter system. What do I do to make the change?

Will my credits now transfer to University System of Georgia schools?

When will I be able to see what my new program requirements will look like?

Will class size increase as a result of semester conversion?

How will semester courses differ from the quarter courses?

Will my GPA (grade point average) be affected?

Will conversion to semesters change the course numbering system?

Will diploma and certificate programs have changes or are the curriculum changes limited to the associate degree programs?

How many hours will now be needed to complete a certificate? A diploma? An associate degree?

Tuition and Financial Aid:

How will the change to semesters affect tuition?

How will this affect my financial aid?

How does the conversion affect federal aid (Pell, SEOG, ACG, and Federal Work Study)?

How will this change affect state aid (HOPE Scholarship or Grant)?

Will I reach my HOPE cap sooner or later under the semester system?

How will this change affect other scholarships?

How much will the semester HOPE book allowance be?

How will the semester conversion affect students on unemployment benefits?

How will the semester system conversion affect students on the G.I. Bill?

Transitional Students:

What is a transitional student?

I’m a transitional student. How will I be affected?

What should I do to plan for semester conversion?

I know I can’t complete my program before the semester system begins. Now what?

Can a transitional student still graduate under a catalog which uses the quarter system?

How will quarter system courses be converted to semester system courses?

How do I convert my completed quarter hour totals into semester hour totals?

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