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The Technical College System of Georgia will adopt semester scheduling in Fall 2011, changing from its current quarter system. It’s a change we believe offers real benefits to our students – from providing more instructional time to improving the ease of transferring credits.

We’re committed to making the transition a smooth one by providing all the information you need to know – and share – with your students who will be attending a technical college beginning in July 2010 or later.

In fact, beginning as early as July 2010, we’ll begin a year of personal advisement of all current students to inform them about the change and prepare an individualized academic plan for them.

Read our Student Commitment for more details.

These Frequently Asked Questions provide general information for you and your students. Of course, the recruiter or admissions representative you work with at your technical college is always available to you as well.

Still have a question? Click here to submit an inquiry and request that a representative from the technical college in your area give you a call.

You can also read the FAQs prepared for our students or for our business partners and communities.

Thank you for your interest!

What do students graduating from high school in 2010 need to know about this change?

What do students graduating from high school in 2011 and beyond need to know about this change?

How will this affect joint or dual enrollment programs?

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