Why Semesters? Seamless Education Best Serves Students

When TCSG colleges around the state open their doors to students in Fall 2011, faculty and staff will welcome students to our first fall semester on a new academic calendar.

It’s a historic move – approved by the TCSG state board and supported by the Governor’s office, members of the general assembly, and our college presidents and leadership.

Why semesters? The root of the change is simple. It’s in the best interest of our students.

We’re building a world-class system for workforce education and a major part of that is having a seamless education system – where calendars and curriculum align and lifelong learning is easily attainable for students of all ages and circumstances.

"Seamless education is what Georgians need and deserve to prosper in the future and it’s what our workforce needs to stay competitive. But seamless education is not possible unless students can move easily between all three of the state’s major educational systems – the TCSG, the University System of Georgia and K-12,” explains TCSG Commissioner Ron Jackson.

“It’s a decision backed by much discussion, thought and planning at all levels of the TCSG and with the Governor’s office. Our current budget challenges certainly made the decision a tough one,” adds Jackson. “Ultimately though, you can’t delay doing the right thing for our students and the future growth of the technical college system.”

The semester schedule offers many benefits to our students – additional instructional time, more in-depth coverage of course content, ease of transfer to other institutions, and calendar alignment that better supports dual and joint enrollment opportunities.

Unchanged is the TCSG commitment to workforce development. “Make no mistake, we are not relinquishing the mission we hold very dearly – workforce development,” says Jackson. This change will enable technical colleges to enhance and expand on that mission, he adds.

For our students, we make this commitment: Every effort will be made to see that each student will be successfully transitioned with as minimal disruption as possible to their coursework during the changeover. Click here for our Student Commitment.

Beginning in July 2010, we’ll be working very closely with our transitional students – those already enrolled – to make sure that every student understands what the conversion means to them.

A comprehensive communications effort, led by a TCSGsemester411 website for students, will help ensure that our students have a well-informed, smooth transition.

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