What About Me? Faculty and Staff Info

Our quarter to semester conversion will affect many different groups – current students, prospective students, high school counselors, our business partners and, of course, our faculty and staff. Our goal for each group will be to provide all necessary information and to answer questions as fully as possible.

Faculty and staff play a vital and unique role in the Q2S conversion. For our students, faculty and staff members will be the “go to” source for information and advice. But, at the same time faculty and staff are serving our students, they’ll have questions on topics ranging from work load to leave schedules.

If you have a question or comment, check out these site options:

  • I Need Information! Visit the HR Policies page for the latest changes and news.

  • I Have a Comment! Log on to the Help Desk. You’ll be able to send a question or make a comment.

Of course, our college presidents and leadership teams are always available to provide information specific to your TCSG college.

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