Officials: Semester System Would Benefit Students

From WNEG, Clarksville, GA   October 14, 2010

CLARKESVILLE – North Georgia Technical College and other technical schools in Georgia are part of just 100 technical colleges in the country that still operate on a quarter system instead of on a semester system. Semesters are what North Georgia Tech's President Steve Dougherty says his students have been asking for for a while now.

"A lot of students have expressed in the past on surveys that the quarters are sort of short for some courses and that they really have a hard time getting everything done," Dougherty says. "So the semester is going to be a big improvement."

An improvement for students who will have more time to work on their picture taking skills, but at the same time not be required to commute to campus everyday.

"They will tend to meet for an hour and a half, two days a week, as opposed to an hour four days a week," Dougherty explains.

The switch will actually benefit students both while they are taking classes and if they decide to transfer somewhere else.

"A student now will not lose credits where you have an odd number of credits between a quarter system and a semester system," Dougherty points out.

Moving to a semester system will also impact when students head back to the classroom. Those who would normally start back around July 4th for summer classes will now have to head back in May. Students wishing to take fall classes will now start around August 20th instead of sometime in October.

All of Georgia's technical colleges will be using the semester system next August.

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